Feathered Merino Poncho Hot Pink

Feathered Merino Poncho Hot Pink

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Beautiful breathable merino that drapes beautiful over any shape, size & age.  Sleeve length of 50cm so sitting mid way down arm.  Treated feathers that can be safely posted world wide.  A hint of Aotearoa that would make a beautiful timeless and hand made gift or for a special occasion. Dress them up or rock them to the office.  Wearable Art.  One size fits most. 

One of a kind wearable piece of art. 

These are all made by Louise Stichbury with love. 

Thank you for supporting NZ made.  



Merino wool is a natural, renewable, bio-degradable, sustainable local product grown in New Zealand.  Made here where our products are also made locally. 




Merino is unlike other wools or synthetic fabrics, it is incredibly soft and light against your skin.  






Merino garments can be worn days on end and they remain fresh and odour free.  This unique quality is due to Merino's natural moisture handling properties and the several, natural anti-bacterial properties in the fibre which makes them ideal for adventures and long trips. 






All of our garments are machine washable using wool cycle and wool wash detergent.  They have been hand dyed and colour fastened to keep them safe from fabric runs however we do recommend the first few washes be hand washed for safety measure to allow for any excess dye in this unique range. 



They dry quickly and don't require ironing because of the elastic memory  of the fibres, little creasing appears.  






Merino garments are ideal everyday pieces and second skin as they offer amazing warmth without having to bundle up in big bulky layering pieces of outer wear clothing.






Merino sheep have naturally adapted to their environment to grow a unique wool fleece which regulates body temperature to survive the extreme hot and cold of their various habitats.   Our Merino clothing utilises this natural technology to enable you to be luxuriously comfortable in a wide range of environmental conditions.



KEEP WARM: when cold, Merino wool fabric absorbs airborne moisture and heats it through a 'heat of sorption' process.  The fineness and crimp of each wool strand results in an immense capacity to trap insulating air. 



KEEP COOL: when hot, Merino undertakes a 'wicking' process to transfer moisture from your skin, to the outside of the fabric where it is evaporated.  Preventing overheating, this is great for athletic activity.